270 Birds in a Snowstorm

     Hugh was reading a newspaper in the living room during a snowstorm when he heard a loud thump outside.  Startled, Hugh decided to put on an overcoat and grabbed his heavy-duty flashlight.  When he stepped outside, he saw several disoriented birds hopping about around his shed.  Apparently, they got lost and hit his shed.

     It was snowing heavily.  Hugh knew that these birds would not last very long on their own.  He opened the door to his shed and turned on light, hoping the birds would come in.  However, they did not.

     Hugh tried to shoo the birds in, but they scattered away from him, refusing to be led into the shed.  They kept hopping about around the shed.

     Hugh then remembered he had some birdseed in the shed.  He went in, got the birdseed, and went out to scatter birdseed on the ground.  Hugh made a trail of birdseed leading back to the shed.  Yet the birds would not go into the shed.

     Oh, what else can I do to save these birds? Hugh thought to himself.  If they can only understand that the shed will be safe haven from this snowstorm!  If I could only speak bird...

     God is doing all He can to reach out to us to save us.  He sent His prophets, gave us the Bible, and even sent His only Son Jesus Christ in human flesh to show us the way to salvation in terms we can understand.  Will you listen?

  • Recommended reading: John 1:14

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