272 Graduation Gift

    Chase was in his father’s house, poring over papers pertaining to his father’s estate when he came across a small box with a Bible in it.  When Chase saw that box, a flood of memories came upon him.

     Many years ago, Chase wanted a sports car for his college graduation.  His family was rather wealthy, so money was not an issue when it came to buying him a sports car.  However, Chase’s father never said anything when Chase would drop hints about what he wanted.

     When graduation came, Chase’s father told him how proud he was of his graduation and the fact that he was graduating with high honors.  Chase’s father handed Chase a small box.  When Chase opened the box, inside was a Bible.

     Chase got so angry at his father for giving just a Bible for his graduation that Chase left home and never came back.  “You have all this money and you bought me a Bible?” Chase painfully remembered shouting at his father.

     Years later, Chase became a wealthy and successful businessman through hard work and determination.  He was able to buy a nice home and his own fancy cars.

     Chase began to regret not seeing his father ever since that incident at graduation.  The sports car didn’t matter anymore – it had long lost its allure to Chase.

     As Chase was making preparations to visit his father, his father died.  Chase received a letter that his father left everything to him and that he needed to come deal with the estate.

     The little box seemed untouched, asides from a thick layer of dust on it.  When Chase took the Bible out of the box and opened it, a key fell out.  The key had a tag with the graduation date – it was the key to the sports car he wanted all those years ago.

     Chase picked up the key with trembling hands.  The tag read: “Paid in full.”

     Friend, how often do we focus on trinkets in this life?  We think that happiness comes from toys, intimacy, wealth, pleasures, or all kind of worldly things.  Yet, God says He gives us all things.  He even gave us His only Son, Jesus Christ.  And all things are hidden in the pages of the Bible.

  • Recommended reading: Psalms 119:162; Matthew 6:33; Matthew 13:44

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