275 Brothel

     Gurpreet was a poor girl in India.  She was tricked by her family and sold into a brothel.  The last image she remembers of her family is of her little brother and sister screaming for her and she is being taken away.

     Gurpreet was raped repeatedly over the years.  She tried to escape the brothel once, but was caught and beaten so severely, that it took several months for her to recover.  Eventually Gurpreet came to accept her lot in life with a sense of detachment.

     One day, she was lying on her bed when a handsome gentleman walks in.  Gurpreet lies there, waiting to be abused by yet another violent man.  Strangely, he does not do anything to her.  The gentleman sits at the foot of her bed.

     "Gurpreet," the gentleman whispers gently, "It's me, Dhiresh."

     Gurpreet freezes and looks at the gentleman in astonishment.  Dhiresh?  Could it be...

     Indeed, it was Gurpreet's younger brother.  He had been working for all these years to buy her back and he was finally here to take her home.

     Do you feel enslaved to sin and the clutches of Satan?  Jesus can redeem you if you let Him!

  • Recommended reading: Leviticus 25:47-48; Ruth 4:1-22; Titus 2:13-14 

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