277 The Reality of Evil

     A skeptic came up to an evangelist after a meeting one night. The skeptic told the evangelist that life was meaningless without purpose and that he wasn't even sure of the validity of the concept of evil.  The world, in his view, was just spinning on, regardless of whatever happened on it.

     The evangelist looked and the skeptic thoughtfully then asked him one question.

     "Sir, if I were to take a baby and put him on the stage in front of you right now, then proceeded to hack him ruthlessly to pieces with a sword, would you think that I have done something wrong." 

     "Well," the skeptic responded after a long pause, "I would neither like nor enjoy what you did, but I could not say that you did something wrong."

     "My friend," replied the evangelist, "While you may deny the fact of evil and the responsibility of evil, even you cannot run from the feeling of evil.  You may want to consider why you don't like that feeling or you will end up in a world of chaos and cruelty."

     The reality of evil points us to God and His answer on the cross.

  • Recommended reading: Numbers 21:8-9; John 3:14-15; Luke 21:31-32; Revelation 12:17

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