278 Guilt Trip

     Vinnie really wanted to go with his friends to New York City, but he knew that his father would never allow him to go.  So, Vinnie lied to his father and asked to go with his friends for a day at the lake in the next town.  Vinnie's father gave his blessing then Vinnie took off with his friends.

     After a fun exciting day in New York City, Vinnie returned home just before his curfew.  However, Vinnie felt very guilty about lying to his father, even though his father never found out the truth.  Over the next few days, Vinnie tried to avoid his father. 

     Vinnie even tried to come up with bad things about his father in his mind, so that he could keep avoiding his father.  However, deep down, Vinnie could not deny that he was only trying to rationalize away his own guilty behavior.

     Our sins separate us from God, even to the point where we try to hide from Him and act like we want to have nothing to do with Him.  However, God loves you and is willing to forgive you if you only come to Him in repentance to confess your sins and ask Him for forgiveness.

  • Recommended reading: Genesis 3:8-10; Isaiah 59:2; Isaiah 1:18

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