280 Coachman

    A distinguished gentleman was looking to hire a coachman to drive the family carriage.  The only caveat was that the gentleman's home was near a very steep cliff.  Three applicants applied for the position and the gentleman asked them each the same question during their individual interview: "How close can you get the carriage to the ledge?"

     The first applicant told the gentleman he can as close as three feet to the ledge safely.  The second applicant confidently stated that he could get as close as a foot away from the ledge.

     When the third applicant was asked the question, he sat in thoughtful contemplation for a moment before answering, "Sir, I can guarantee you that I will keep the carriage as far away from the ledge as possible."

     The gentleman hired the third applicant on the spot after hearing his answer.

     Are you playing dangerously close to the ledge with sin?

  • Recommended reading: Matthew 4:7; Ephesians 4:26-27; 1 Timothy 6:9

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