286 A Broken Heart

     Allie got pregnant when she was only fifteen years old.  Frightened and unsure what to do, her friends advised her to go to Planned Parenthood.  Allie was advised by the counselor there to get an abortion.  "Everything will be okay," she was told.  "It's not even a real baby yet.  Just get an abortion and you will be able to move ahead with your life."

     Allie got an abortion.  However, things were not okay with Allie.  She began suffering bouts of depression and bulimia a year later. When people at church found out she had an abortion, they shunned her like an unclean pariah.  The pastor even gave a sermon calling all women who had abortions as child murderers who will be severely judged by God.  Although the pastor later recanted his words, Allie stopped going to church altogether.

     Allie eventually married her boyfriend and finished school.  She and her husband both got jobs that paid very well and they were able to live very comfortably.

     Yet Allie still hurt inside all these years and could not shake off the depression and bulimia.

     Allie was on the verge of complete despair when when she met Janice, who recently joined the company Allie was working for.  Allie and Janice soon became very good friends.  There was something about Janice that Allie could not quite put her finger on.  Janice seemed so kind, friendly, and loving, even during very stressful times at work.

     One night, Allie and Janice had dinner after work and Allie decided to confide with Janice about the abortion she had so many years ago.  Allie didn't know why she was telling Janice this; she hasn't told anyone in years about her abortion.  Allie was very afraid of being rejected by Janice and losing her as a friend.  Yet, Allie was pouring her out to Janice.

     Janice was very silent for a long moment.  Allie started tearing up and braced herself for words of condemnation.  However, Janice started crying and hugged Allie, who started crying also.  There were no words of condemnation from Janice - only words of love.

     Janice told Allie that no one could take away the pain she was suffering, except for Jesus.  Janice asked Allie if she could share with her about Jesus.  He can take away her pain, heartbreak, depression, and bulimia, if she were willing.  That night Allie prayed for Jesus to come back into her life.  On that same night, Allie began to feel her broken heart healing.

     We all need to follow Jesus Christ's example to reach out to broken hearts, not with words of condemnation, but with words of God's infinite love.

  • Recommended reading: Isaiah 49:15-16; Ephesians 3:14-19; Romans 8:35-39

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