294 Turbulence

     Robert was flying cross country from New York back to California after finishing a work assignment.  As he was starting to get a little hungry, the captain made an announcement that the in-flight meal will be canceled as the plane is going to fly into some turbulent weather.

     Robert looked out the window and saw that the sky was getting dark and stormy.  The captain made a second announcement that all flight attendants need to get strapped in.  The turbulence will be severe, the captain calmly intoned.

     The plane started rocking violently as it went through the stormy weather.  Robert along with pretty much all the other passengers started to become fearful as the plane was being jostled and battered by the violent weather.

     Some people started to cry while other people started to pray.  In the midst of the pandemonium, Robert noticed a girl in the aisle across from him was serenely reading a book, as if nothing was wrong.  She did not react at all to the shaking of the plane or the sounds of the winds whipping around.

     The remainder of the flight was intense and nerve-wracking, but the captain safely navigated the plane through the turbulent weather and landed the plane safely at the airport.  The passengers all cheered and got off the plane as fast as they could.

     Robert wanted to ask the little girl a question, so he waited at the terminal for her.  As she finally got out, Robert asked how she was so calm and brave during such a scary situation when they were flying. 

     The little girl looked up at Robert with her big blue eyes and smiled sweetly.  "My daddy is the pilot," the little girl explained.  "I knew he would fly me home safely."

     Do you trust God to be the pilot in your life, to help navigate you through the storms of life?

Recommended reading:

  • Psalms 23:1-6; Isaiah 41:10-14; Romans 10:11-13

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