AV Room Tutorial:








  • Switches for 11 and 12 control left and right computer channels
  • Switches for 13 and 14 control left and right CD/tape channels
  • Switch for 15 controls speaking effect channel
  • Switch for 16 controls singing effect channel
  • Mute channel 16 when pastor is preaching or someone is speaking
  • Un-mute channel 16 when someone is singing (muting channel 15 is optional, but does not have a major effect either way)

  • Red light indicates channel is muted




  • Two red switches on left control instrumental volume
  • Two red switches in the middle control microphone volume
  • Two switches on the right control the master volume






  • PFL (power fader level) button for each channel underneath the mute button
  • Toggle PFL button to check decibel level for that channel
  • Decrease volume level for that channel if PFL goes into yellow or red range (risk of speaker blowing out)
  • Increase volume level for that channel if PFL level consistenly below -6 decibels (volume too low)


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