Bible study lesson 10 - The Millennium

Purpose: To show that the Great Controversy finds its end at the Millennium.

Theme: God's character is vindicated.

Bible verses to read:

  • John 5:28-29
  • Acts 24:15
  • 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17
  • Revelation 20:4-5
  • Revelation 3:20-21
  • Romans 8:15-17
  • Revelation 20:1-3
  • Jeremiah 4:23-27
  • 1 Corinthians 6:2-3
  • Revelation 21:11, 18
  • 2 Peter 3:12-13
  • Isaiah 5:3-4
  • Hebrews 13:12

Hello again!  Last time we studied about the Second Coming, where Jesus' return will be a literal, visible, audible, and glorious event for the entire world to witness.  So, what happens next?  Let's find out in today's lesson!

Let's turn to John 5:28-29.

- According to these verses, what does Jesus say about the resurrection?

  • Answer (highlight to read): Jesus says that there are two categories of resurrection: the resurrection of life and the resurrection of condemnation.

Let's turn to Acts 24:15.

- According to this verse, what does Paul say about the resurrection?

  • Answer: Paul says that there are two categories of resurrection: the just and unjust.

Let's turn to 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17

- According to these verses, who rises first?

  • Answer: The dead in Christ rise first.

Let's turn to Revelation 20:4-5

- According to verse 4, who is part of the first resurrection?

  • Answer: Those who witnessed to Jesus and for the Word of God and did not receive the mark of the beast on their foreheads or hands.

John is describing the righteous - God's people in verse 4.

- According to verse 5, who is part of the second resurrection?

  • Answer: The rest of the dead.

John is describing the unrighteous in verse 5.

- According to these verses, which group of people gets to reign with Jesus Christ?

  • Answer: The first group.

God is saying that the first resurrection is the one you want to be a part of.

Let's turn to Revelation 3:20-21.

- According to these verses, what should we do if we hear Jesus knocking at the door?

  • Answer: We should open the door and let Him in.

You have to experience verse 20 before you can get to verse 21.  While we are living today, Christ is longing to sit on the thrones of our hearts.  If we allow Him to do that, when we get to heaven, Jesus is going to scoot over and allow you to sit on His throne with Him!  Jesus never invites or asks us to do anything that He hasn't been willing to do Himself.  Those who follow God will be exalted in the end.  God is serious about redeeming and rewarding us.

Let's turn to Romans 8:15-17.

- According to these verses, what does the Holy Spirit bear witness of?

  • Answer: The Holy Spirit bears witness that we are children of God and are joint heirs through adoption.

We are adopted into the Royal Family because we are covered in the Royal blood of Jesus Christ.  So, everything that belongs to Jesus belongs to us!  He owns everything in the entire universe!

If you remember from a previous lesson, Satan wanted to exalt himself and sit on God's throne.  So, what happens to him at this time?

Let's turn to Revelation 20:1-3 for the answer.

- According to these verses, what happens to Satan during the millennium?

  • Answer: Satan is bound and cast into a pit for 1000 years.

The chain that binds Satan is the chain of circumstances - the Devil will be stuck on earth for 1000 years with no one to deceive (as all the wicked on earth will be dead).  But what about the evil angels?

Let's turn to Jude 6.

- According to this verse, what happens to the evil angels during the millennium?

  • Answer: The evil angels are bound in chains of darkness until Judgment Day.

The language used in the verse sounds like millennium language.  The angels will be bound on earth with Satan.

You might ask, why does God do this to Satan?  God is showing people that ultimately, if you follow Satan, then this is what is going to happen - you will be a dead body in his kingdom.

How do we know that this is a literal 1000 years?  After the Second Coming, time is no more - we are now on God's time.  Prophetic time is over.

Let's turn to Jeremiah 4;23-27.

- According to these verses, what will the earth be like during this time?

  • Answer: The earth will be desolate.

The way that God judges the nations in the Old Testament is a type of the way He will judge the earth at the close of time.  However, notice in verse 27 that God says this is not the end.  Also, notice how the state of the earth in these verses is very similar to the language used in Genesis 1:2.  This is not the end - there is more to come.  God is getting ready to re-create the earth!  For the first time ever, humanity will get to see God create!

Let's turn to 1 Corinthians 4:5.

- According to this verse, when will judgment come?

  • Answer: Judgment will come at the appointed time and not earlier than that.

Judgment will happen after the Second Coming, but not before.  The point of the millennium is that before God destroys anyone, who is lost, He is going to clear it with us.  Our loved ones who are lost are not yet destroyed.  We will get to see all the behind-the-scenes things of the heart that we did not know before, so in the end we will all be on the same page and see that God is indeed love. 

During the millennium you will see what God sees and maybe understand that those who are lost would not be happy in heaven.  We will be sad, but also see that it was the best choice.

This is all about vindicating the character of God.

Let's turn to 1 Corinthians 6:2-3.

- According to these verses, who will judge the world and the angels?

  • Answer: God's people will judge the world and the angels.

We are going to judge the world and the (fallen) angels.  Isn't this fair?  All the time people think that God will judge us, but the Bible says that we will be doing the judging and show to the universe that our God was fair, just, patient, and merciful.  Thus, God's character of true Love will be vindicated!  God will ask, "Do you see the consistency of My character?"

Now, let's talk about what happens after the millennium.

Let's turn to Revelation 20:7-9.

- According to these verses, what will happen to Satan after the millennium?

  • Answer: He will be released from his prison and will go out to deceive the nations.

Satan is loosed from his prison and is back to his work in deceiving.  He can do this because the nations are alive again (second resurrection group).  It will be likely that Hitler, Stalin, and other like-minded individuals will be in this resurrection.  Satan gathers them together to battle against the City of God.  They will surround the city, and then God executes judgment on the wicked.

What will the City of God be like?

Let's turn to Revelation 21: 11, 18.

- According to these verses, what are the walls of the City of God like?

  • Answer: The walls are jasper and city made of clear gold.

The City of God has walls - see-through walls, in fact.  Those outside the City of God are going to be able to see what is going on inside the city and will be able to see what they have missed out on.  The wicked are then destroyed with fire.  "Why fire?" you might ask.  Fire is for purification and cleansing (Malachi 3:2).

Let's turn to 2 Peter 3:12-13.

- According to these verses, what kind of world will God create?

  • Answer: God will create a new heavens and new earth where righteousness will dwell.

Let's turn to Isaiah 5:3-4.

- According to these verses, what is God asking?

  • Answer: God is asking us to judge Him.

God is speaking here in Isaiah.  He is saying, "Judge me.  What else could I have done for the vineyard to produce good fruit?"  The vineyard is His people.

Let's turn to Hebrews 13:12.

- According to this verse, how did Jesus sanctify His people?

  • Answer: Jesus sanctified people with His own blood.

Jesus suffered and died outside of the city so that we have no need or place to be outside of the city.

What more could God have done?  God will ask this question to those outside of the city.  He sent his prophets to preach, He sent His Spirit to convict, He send His Word (the Bible) to reveal His character, and He sent His only begotten Son Jesus to die for us and save us from our sins.

In the last days there are only going to be two groups of people. The first group is going to be inside the city dressed in white surround by the Presence of God, hearing sounds, seeing colors they have never seen before.  The second group is going to be outside the city, remembering all the opportunities that they have missed out and they are going to realize that they made that choice on their own.

Right now there are no walls between God and us. Today is the day of salvation.  My friend, what group do you want to be a part of?

Is there anything in your life that could keep you out of that city and being dressed in white?




Happy Sabbath!

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