Seventh-Day Adventist Church

El Monte Vietnamese SDA Church



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Date Title Presenter
2018-10-20 The Legacy of a Missionary Pastor Vinh Play
2018-10-13 The Unlikely King Peter Chung Play
2018-10-06 Measuring Time Tim Krone Play
2018-09-08 Sleeping Jesus Hung Vo Play
2018-08-25 Persecuted for Righteousness' Sake Pastor Vinh Play
2018-08-04 Paul's Mission Pastor Vinh Play
2018-07-28 The Son of a Scandal Peter Chung Play
2018-07-21 Because We Are Thankful Rachel Tom Play
2018-07-14 The Two Great Errors Pastor Vinh Play
2018-06-23 The Final Question in the Final Exam Peter Chung Play
2018-05-26 Where Are You? Guest Speaker Play
2018-05-19 Identity Crisis Cynthia N Play
2018-05-05 The Vital Behavior John Aitken Play
2018-04-28 Jessica's Testimony Jessica Trinh Play
2018-04-21 The Greatest Miracle Marco Topete Play
2018-04-14 Faith Walking Peter Cheung Play
2018-04-03 If We Stayed, I Know We Wouldn't Survive Tara Vang Play
2018-03-24 Witnessing Cynthian Nguyen Play
2018-03-17 Building Trust Before Witnessing Play
2018-03-03 My School Experience Hung Vo Play
2018-02-10 My Best Friend's Love Story Peter Cheung Play
2018-02-03 Save One To Save Many Pastor Vinh Play
2018-01-13 Pornography is Genjutsu David Quach Play
2017-12-09 Christian Patriotism Peter Chung Play
2017-12-02 Money John Huynh Play
2017-11-18 LGBTQ Seminar Virna Santos Play
2017-11-18 By Beholding His Love Virna Santos Play
2017-11-11 War and Peace Jean-Pierre De La Cruz Play
2017-11-04 Because of the Angels Jessica Trinh Play
2017-10-28 The Life of Martin Luther Pastor Vinh Play
2017-10-09 One Hundred Percent Peter Chung Play
2017-09-02 Relationship Q & A part 2 JR and Anchelle Play
2017-09-02 Relationship Q & A part 1 JR and Anchelle Play
2017-08-26 The Spirit of Meekness Jessica Trinh Play
2017-08-19 Giving Freely Pastor Vinh Play
2017-08-05 The Lamb Wins Lee Givhan Play
2017-07-29 Is Bearing Fruit Painful Ben Evardome Play
2017-07-15 Peace Pastor Vinh Play
2017-07-01 Joy Anna Duong Play
2017-06-24 Worse Than Leprosy Kristi Huynh and Hung Vo Play
2017-06-10 Failing for Success Play
2017-06-03 Though the Heavens Fall Jessica Trinh Play
2017-05-20 Idol Worship Hung Vo Play
2017-05-06 Center of Life Play
2017-04-22 The Rich Man and Lazarus Pastor Vinh Play
2017-04-01 Letting Go of Our Crutches Jessica Trinh Play
2017-03-25 Sara's Testimony Sara Tom Play
2017-03-18 The 3 Angels' Messages Guest Speaker Play
2017-03-11 Have You Lost Sight of Jesus Pastor Vinh Play
2017-03-04 Relationships JR and Anchel Play
2017-02-25 The Bread of Life Gilbert Cahatol Play
2017-02-18 A New Start Peter Chung Play
2017-02-11 Knowing God's Will Play
2017-01-14 Ultimate Glorious Ambition Jessica Trinh Play
2008-02-01 Remember Pastor Vinh Play